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Arabella + Autumn Beechwood Shape Sorter

Arabella + Autumn

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Super light weight, smooth and perfect for little hands this Arabella + Autumn Beechwood Shape Sorter will definitely become a family favourite. Made from beautiful non-toxic hardwood with a super smooth finish, it will not disappoint. The Beechwood Shape Sorter measures 12.5cm x 12.5 cm and comes with 6 gorgeous shapes, all finished with soft rounded edges. 

This Arabella + Autumn Beechwood Shape Sorter comes in its own huge gift box. 

Made and tested to meet the Australian Toy Standards AS/NZS 8124.

A + A products are made to the highest standards, however if used incorrectly and breakage occurs they may become a choking hazard. Please check regularly and discard at the first sign of wear. Do not alter in anyway and always use under adult supervision. We do not recommend this product be used by children under the age of 3 years unless supervised. 

A few special words from us

The shape sorter style of toy is ubiquitous, but have your ever stopped to think why it’s so useful? The answer lies in the assortment of shapes, and physical and visual skills that it offers all in the one box. 

The Arabella + Autumn Beechwood Shape Sorter allows your child to strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills, as well develop their vocabulary knowledge (e.g. being able to identify and name shapes).

Tips to making the most of the shape sorter include:

  • Understanding/recognising shapes: Hide the shapes around the room and ask your child to find a particular shape.
  • Naming shapes: Encourage your child to name a shape before placing it in the sorter.
  • Turn taking: Encourage your child to take turns in placing shapes into the sorter and talk about whose turn it is (e.g. “My turn”, “Your turn”).
  • Commenting: Talk about what happens when your child has chosen a shape to place into the sorter (e.g. “It doesn’t fit. Let’s try another hole” when the shape doesn’t match the selected hole; “Whoosh. It fell in!” when the shape falls through the correct hole).
  • Requesting: Give your child the shape sorter cube and place the shapes in front of them. Encourage your child to ask for the shape that they want before providing it to them (e.g. "I want the circle/square/triangle please").
  • Problem solving: When your child has difficulty placing a shape in the correct hole, encourage them to try again and give them tips if they have trouble placing the shape appropriately into the hole (e.g. “That’s the right hole! Turn the shape around. Now it fits!”).
  • Counting: Encourage counting skills by asking your child to count the blocks.
  • Following instructions: Place the shapes next to the shaper sorter. Ask your child to place specific shapes into the sorter. Give them an instruction to follow depending on their skill level (i.e. 1 step instructions such as “Find the circle”; 2 step instructions such as “Find the circle and the square”). Also, you can take it in turns to give each other instructions so that your child starts to learn about turn taking and joint interactions.
  • Concepts including:
    • in/out/on: Get your child to place a specific shape in relation to the sorter (e.g. “Put the circle in/on the cube”, “Take the circle out of the cube”).
    • same/different: During play, model the concepts same/different when comparing two shapes (e.g. “I have two circles. They are the same shape”; “You have a triangle and a circle. They are different shapes”) 

How is this toy helpful?

Using the fun ideas above, the Arabella + Autumn Beechwood Shape Sorter can teach children to improve their play, social interactions, turn-taking, attention and listening, understanding and use of language and fine motor skills. These are some of the skills needed for childcare and kinder. 

Kat & Bianca

Information courtesy of childdevelopment.com.au

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