Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!
Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!

Learning Bundle 3: Challenge Me!

Happy Little People

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Developmental Benefits: Imagination, Hand-eye Coordination, Language and Cognitive skills, Social-Emotional Intelligence, Memory. 

Between 6-9 months your baby's brain is undergoing a huge growth spurt. Their memory improves and they may start forming strong attachments to people, toys and even books. They will also be on the move, so now is the time to start challenging them! 

This learning bundle, ideal for babies 6-9 months (and beyond!), is designed to develop your little one’s memory, imagination, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, language and cognitive skills. 

These curated early learning toys will really challenge your little one in new engaging ways and have been selected to align with the Early Years Learning Framework. 

What's Included?

The “Challenge Me” Learning Bundle includes:

  1. Papoose Storytelling Puppet Set: The Hungry Caterpillar
  2. Raduga Grez Forest Soul Cube Set 
  3. Goki Shape Sorter 
  4. Two Little Ducklings Aussie Animals Flash Cards 
  5. Babynoise Hand Held Drum 
  6. Option to include Happy Little People™: The First Year Activity Card Deck 
Benefits for Baby

Start with the Hungry Caterpillar Storytelling Puppet, a beautiful toy to use together, this handmade puppet set will capture your little one's imagination and attention during storytime, and help strengthen their language skills. Hours of fun, creative play to be had here.

Put the caterpillar puppet on your hand and make a big, dramatic show of it eating each of the included felted food items one by one, and getting progressively more full. Then, in your role as "you", pretend to be shocked that all the food is gone! Search for the missing food — "Who could have eaten it?" — and invite your little one to help you find it. 

Give your little one some free play time with The Forest Soul Cube Set by Raduga Grez. This brilliant open-ended toy is not only gorgeous to look at and play with (those tones!), but they also offer many developmental benefits. These wooden blocks are the perfect first construction toy for building your baby's fine motor skills (and a wonderful, zen activity for parents during nap time!), but their open-ended nature will mean that they remain a staple in your child's toy box for many years to come.

When they have had enough of playing by themselves, line up 5 or 6 blocks and place a small toy on top of each block. Your baby will most likely swipe at them with their hand,  knock them down or pick them up and explore! You can also vary the height of the blocks and if they get knocked down say “oh no!”. 

Challenge your little one with the beautifully crafted Goki Shape Sorter. The shape sorter style of toy is ubiquitous, but have you ever stopped to think why it’s so useful? The answer lies in the assortment of shapes, and physical and visual skills that it offers all in the one box. The Goki Shape Sorter allows your child to strengthen their hand-eye coordination, fine motor and problem-solving skills, as well develop their vocabulary knowledge (e.g. being able to identify and name shapes).

Place the shapes next to the shaper sorter. Ask your baby to place specific shapes into the sorter. Give them an instruction to follow depending on their skill level (i.e. 1 step instructions such as “Find the circle”; 2 step instructions such as “Find the circle and the square”). Also, you can take it in turns to give each other instructions so that your baby starts to learn about turn taking and joint interactions.

Make learning about Australian native animals fun with this set of illustrated Aussie Animals Flash Cards by Two Little Ducklings. Flashcards are a fantastic tool. They are portable, efficient, and versatile.

Using flashcards not only helps to develop and improve the connection of synapses in your child’s developing brain, it also appeals to various learning styles. Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist suggests that each individual has a distinct learning style. He categorised them into three main areas – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. 

Bring your Two Little Ducklings Aussie Animal Flash Cards to life by incorporating a figurine (or puppet) to represent each of the animals as you talk about them with your baby. Or Sing/Play  a few Aussie animal songs when presenting each flashcard e.g Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gum Tree (Marion Sinclair), Never Smile at a Crocodile (Frank Churchill, Part of the Gumtree Family (Justine Clark). 

Continue the music party with the Babynoise Hand Held Drum. Drum and percussion experiences help children in the areas of motor strength and control, mathematics, problem-solving, speech and communication, social skills, emotional expression, and cognition.

Use the Babynoise Handheld Drum to practice counting. Play the song 'Doctor Knickerbocker' and sing along with your baby while they hold the drum and drumstick. Each time you count to nine in the song, tap the drum with your own drumstick (one strike for each number) and encourage your baby to do the same!

Optional Add On: Extend your day of play with the Happy Little People™ Activity Cards. Babies are wonderfully curious by nature, but many parents struggle to find new and fun things to do with their baby. That’s why we created our one-of-a-kind card decks of development-promoting activities that help you play and connect creatively with your little one. You will get 52 meaningful, development-promoting and bonding activities to enhance your baby's awake time, tailored around key developmental milestones for babies in their first year of life, some of the key benefits include:

  •   Bonding & Trust
  •   Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  •   Body Awareness
  •   Auditory & Language Skills
  •   Sensory Play & Awareness
  •   Exploration
Product Details 

Papoose Storytelling Puppet Set: The Hungry Caterpillar

  • 18-piece puppet set includes: caterpillar, butterfly and 16 felted food pieces
  • Made using 100% natural wool products and non-toxic biodegradable dyes
  • Presented in a 25 x 30cm gift box
  • Supervision is required for all children under 4 years
  • As with all our beautiful handmade items, variations may occur from the image with each piece having it's own unique characteristics.
  • Designed in Australia, and lovingly made by hand in Nepal.

Raduga Grez: Forrest Soul Cube Set 

  • Forest Soul is a collection of wooden cubes in pleasant pastel shades that can help teach your little one about colours, volume, weight & shapes.
  • 20 cubes per set
  • Blocks are 4cm × 4cm (we LOVE this size for all ages—a great all-rounder!)
  • Materials: linden wood, dyed with non-toxic watercolours and lacquer free
  • Recommended for children 3+ (and should always be used under active supervision)
  • Ethically handmade in Russia
  • Please Note: Toys should not be submerged in water, use a damp cloth to wipe them clean if needed. Actual colours may vary a little from pictures due to the handmade nature or the product.

Goki: Shape Sorter

The Goki Shape Sorter measures 16.5 × 16.5 × 10 cm and comes with 5 gorgeous wooden shapes, all finished with soft rounded edges. The dark brown tone is achieved by a special thermal treatment of the wood—no paint here! 

Two Little Ducklings: Aussie Animal Flash cards

Australian masked owl, Australian sea lion, bilby, cassowary, cockatoo, crocodile, dingo, dugong, echidna, emu, frilled neck lizard, galah, goanna, great white shark, kangaroo, koala, kookaburra, little penguin (fairy penguin), magpie, numbat, pelican, platypus, pygmy possum, rainbow lorikeet, Tasmanian devil, wombat and a yabby.

  • Cards measure 10cm x 15cm
  • Printed on 360gsm laminated card
  • Packaged in a handy little box 

Recommended age is for 3 years plus, however with adult supervision they can be used from a younger age.

Babynoise: Hand Held Drum 

The perfect size for little hands at just 15cm wide, the drum has a tightly stretched membrane over one side. Drumstick included.

Suited for babies 3 years plus and only to be used with parental supervision. These are NOT a teether and are NOT to be bitten or used for teething. 

Happy Little People: The First Year 

  • 52 creative games & activities for babies aged 0-12 months
  • Choose your preferred format from the dropdown menu:
    • Printed card deck (playing card size) or
    • Mobile-friendly digital deck: instant download (PDF)
  • Overview and instructions
  • Card deck measures 6.5 x 9 x 2 cm (2.5 x 3.5 x 3/4")

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