Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One
Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One

Learning Bundle 7: You're My Number One

Happy Little People

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Developmental Benefits: Self- Awareness, Mindfulness & Emotional Wellbeing, Bonding & Connection, Fine Motor Skills, Self-Expression, Communication.

Between 18 and 21 months you will notice your toddler has endless energy (duh!), excitement to try new things and a newfound ability to experiment, remember and recall. You will notice a big leap in their language, comprehension and cognitive skills. 

This learning bundle, ideal for toddlers 18-21 months, is designed to introduce mathematical concepts, challenge their memory recall and extend their physical skills. 

These curated early learning toys will get your little one loving their numbers and has been selected to align with the Early Years Learning Framework.

What's Included?

The “You're My Number One” Bundle includes: 

  1. Two Little Ducklings Counting & Maths Symbols Flash Cards 
  2. Papoose Felt Numbers  
  3. Mindful and Co Kids Yoga Flash Cards 
  4. Babynoise Mini Tabletop Chime Xylophone  

    Benefits for Baby

    Start the day by making learning to count from 1 to 20 fun with this set of brightly coloured illustrated flash cards by Two Little Ducklings. Flashcards are a fantastic tool. They are portable, efficient, and versatile. Howard Gardner, an American developmental psychologist suggests that each individual has a distinct learning style. He categorised them into three main areas – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Using flashcards not only helps to develop and improve the connection of synapses in your child’s developing brain, it also appeals to various learning styles. 

    Gather 10 uniform objects that can be used as counting tokens. For example, sultanas are ideal, as they are uniform in appearance and safe for your baby to play with, under your supervision. It’s invaluable for your little one's future learning if they can begin to grasp from an early age that numbers indicate quantity and thus have a magnitude. The best way to do this is by using simple, three-dimensional objects that your baby can move and manipulate. Select the flash cards numbered 1 to 10. Now, as you show your toddler each flash card in ascending order, place one token on each of the objects on the card. It might sound something like this: "3 sultanas. One... two... three!"

    Then take out the Papoose Felt Numbers. These soft-to-touch digits, from 0-9, are an inviting tool for learning through play. The warm, natural-hued pieces can be used in a multitude of hands-on ways, beyond enhancing numerical knowledge. For example, matching, sorting, categorising activities can all come to life with this handmade, textured resource!

    Start by showing your toddler how the felt numbers are the same as the printed numbers on the Flash Cards. Tell them what the numbers are and see if they can repeat what you are saying. Then peg your numbers up on a makeshift clothesline (e.g. tie a string between two chairs). Ask your little one to choose a random number off the line and bring it to you. When they bring it back, tell them the name of the number, "This is the number 7" - and ask them to repeat it back to you "Can you say seven?". Explore the feel and the shape of the number together. Next, help your toddler trace along the form of the number with their finger. While they are tracing, explain how you would form the number if you were writing it on paper.  For example, "The number 7 would be formed by writing across and down".

    It's time to get your little one's body moving and encourage the practice of mindfulness with these beautifully crafted Yoga Flashcards from Mindful & Co Kids. We all know how important it is to take a few moments each day to help our little ones slow down, breathe and focus—but making it happen can be a whole other story! They are seriously the perfect yoga and mindfulness poses to do together as a family (and Mama gets a little bit of self-care too). Each card has an accompanying explanation of each pose, how to achieve it, and its benefits. As your yogi child grows up they will not only gain the knowledge they need for their own practice, but the ability to show others how to embrace yoga for themselves. 

    Roll out a yoga mat (or find a comfy rug). Position your toddler in front of you (they probably won't stay there and that's totally okay!) and assume a simple seated or squatting pose that you think your toddler might be able to copy. Put your hands in prayer position, and see if your toddler can too. Now sing this beautiful, positive song to the melody of Frere Jacques:

    "Namaste, namaste

    Is what we say, is what we say

    It means peace and light to you

    And all your friends too

    Namaste, namaste"

    P.S. Now, let's be real for a second: doing yoga with your toddler is probably not going to look anything like those Mummy & Me instagram pics, okay? You know, the ones where the mum's doing a headstand while the baby kisses her in cobra?... And don't be expecting any 'me time' out of this either, okay? But seriously, doing yoga together is one of the most easy and beautiful ways to spend a few minutes of quality time with your little. We have to remember that the benefits of bonding and physical touch are just as important for us parents as for our babies.

    Finish the day with some musical fun with the Babynoise Mini Tabletop Chime Xylophone. Tap the chimes with the drumstick to get a crisp, melodious musical sound that rings out beautifully. Beating the musical bars improves your toddler's hand-eye coordination and increases curiosity. Musical games help babies and toddlers learn and grow in many key developmental areas, including fine motor skills, language, literacy, mathematics, self-expression and communication. In fact, according to neuroscientists, no other activity lights up more areas of the brain! Musical activities can be started from when babies are still in the womb (yep, that's right!).

    Once your toddler has had some time tapping the chime all on their own, bring back some of the flash cards and/or felt numbers. Then show your little one the number and help them tap out the numbers on the chime as you count. Another cute way to incorporate this chime into your play is by tapping it at the start and end of each Yoga pose. 


    Product Details

    Two Little Ducklings: Counting & Math Symbols Flash Cards

    • 25 cards included: 1 banana, 2 ducks, 3 doughnuts, 4 apples, 5 meerkats, 6 icy poles, 7 birds, 8 lollipops, 9 rabbits, 10 balloons, 11 dogs, 12 carrots, 13 rainbows, 14 frogs, 15 umbrellas, 16 pretzels, 17 feathers, 18 penguins, 19 stars, 20 pencils, equals, divide, minus, multiply and plus
    • Cards measure 10 cm x 15 cm
    • Printed on 360 gsm laminated card
    • Packaged in a little box 

    Recommended age is for 3 years plus, however with adult supervision they can be used from a younger age.

    Papoose Felt Numbers

    • Contains the numbers 0-9 
    • 10 pieces 
    • Filled with wool only, no synthetics or wires.
    • Pieces are approx. 8-9 cm tall 
    • Made using 100% natural wool products and non-toxic biodegradable dyes
    • Comes in a calico tote bag for easy stowing

    Mindful & Co Yoga Flash Cards 

    • 26 beautifully crafted, hand-illustrated, mega-sized yoga flash cards
    • Game ideas & Instructions for parents
    • Sturdy, high quality presentation box with ribbon tab
    • Each flash card includes:
      • An illustrated pose
      • A unique visual metaphor to help your little one link the pose to the world around them
      • An explanation poem, e.g. Boat Pose: "Sitting on my bottom, Legs and arms make a V, Rock back and forth, I’m calm out at sea”
    • Box measures 21cm x 21cm x 4cm

    Babynoise: Mini Table Top Chime 

    Measures 16 x 8cm and comes with a wooden drum stick

    As these contain small parts they are suited for babies 3 years plus and only to be used with parental supervision. These are NOT a teether and are NOT to be bitten or used for teething.


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