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Baby Play Mat leaf
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Kinzzza Leaf Baby Play Mat - Dark Grey


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Luxurious hand-stitched quilted linen leaf mat by Kinzzza.

  • 100% natural OEKO-TEX certified linen 
  • Suitable for babies
  • Does not contain allergens
  • Slowly made in a family studio, with love and attention to each detail
  • Hand quilted
  • 92cm x 70cm (15.7" х 9.1")
  • Thick, soft, pleasant to touch and to sleep on
  • Can be used as a cover, blanket, play mat, throw or quilt
  • Great gift for a newborn
  • The luxurious texture and natural colour will suit any interior
  • Natural, dark grey colour. (Last 3 images are closest representation of actual colour.)

This play mat is lightweight, filled with certified polyester and do not contain allergens.

Hand or gentle machine wash, lay flat to dry.

Supervise your baby at all times while using this product. Ensure safe sleeping practices are followed, as outlined by Red Nose.

A few special words from us

The Kinzaaa Leaf Playmat was one of Kat's most cherished and utilised items during her twins' first year. Its soft, organic surface made the perfect 'nest' for snuggles, feeding and play. She also loved using it to create a dedicated space for each baby's solo play time.

Age: Newborn +

Benefit: Bonding

Activity: Lay your baby on the floor on a soft surface. Position yourself in a seated kneeling position at their feet, with your knees apart. Stretch yourself forward over your baby onto all fours and place your palms and forearms down on either side of them. Gaze into their eyes, tickle them with your hair. Breathe deeply and enjoy a special moment with your baby while doing this calming pose (a gorgeous stretch for an achy mama back).

Bianca & Kat

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