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Our activities are quick to set up and simple to use. 

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Stop wasting money on toys that they will tire of in no time.


No waste. Contribute to a better future for your child by using everyday items from around your home. We'll show you how!

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Just the right level of challenge for your baby’s exact developmental stage. Includes ideas on extending or modifying the activities to suit your baby.

Nurture your child's developing brain

Research-backed intentional play prompts that help your baby thrive through all different types of play: Outdoor, Nature-Based, Sensory, Physical, Musical, Artistic, Messy, Creative, Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Language.

Be their shining light

We empower you with knowledge and inspiration so you can be the guide that helps your baby thrive.


"It has given me a lot of confidence in myself and truly helped me with my daily mum guilt!!!!"

“Thank you so much! It has been great trying out your wonderfully thought of activities. Really shows how much you care for us parents who want to have fun with our bubbas. Thank you! You guys are the best.”

“It’s been a lovely focus away from the year that has seen us cooped up inside due to the Covid pandemic. To bring the joy back to playing & having fun together without having to interact with others & risk getting ill.”


“I became more creative, and added some of my own activities to the day.”

“I guess I realised everything can be a prop for a great activity, you don’t need that many toys afterall!"

“I learned that babies/toddlers can learn in SO many different ways. Their little brains are absorbing so much. I loved having a resource that prompted me to think and create activities in new ways.”

“I was raised differently from how I am raising my daughter now. The activities made me embrace all the good things from my childhood and embrace motherhood all the more. I am not just my child’s mother but her playmate, her teacher and her classmate. That both of us are learning along the way. I am seeing my child in such a way that I have to let her grow on her own while I guide her and not tell her how to grow up. That even though she is a baby she is her own self and that i have to respect that. A respect that should go both ways.”

“I was inspired to be creative and develop my knowledge as a parent and as a teacher so I could support my little boys development."

“I feel closer to my boy and I can see that he just usually gets frustrated out of boredom. As soon as I get him doing simple little activities it keeps him occupied and happy. This activity also highlights that I do not need to spend a lot of money on very expensive toys for my boy to learn through play.”

“I know I have definitely grown more in regards to being able to turn anything into a learning experience. Sometimes it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut and not be inspired, but reading over and completing the activities has encouraged me to turn anything into a game or learning experience. I have also come to realise that in order to complete an activity I don’t need fancy things, I can in fact adapt materials to suit what I need them for. This is a great way of developing my toddler’s cognitive abilities as well as her ability to adapt materials and see their potential for multiple uses.”

"Mostly an increase in confidence. As a first time mum, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed with contradicting opinions and advice. It was nice to have some guidance and reassurance that what I'm doing with bub is helping her grow and develop!"

"I think that it was great to see that you don’t always need all the expensive wooden toys (or any actually) when so much joy & learning can occur with a few strips of paper turned into tunnels! Definitely keeping activities less complicated is something I must remember especially while he is still young, plenty of time for that later."

"Awareness of certain things that aid in the development of my little boy and how day to day activities can be channelled to enhance this."

"I made more time for activities with my baby. I found doing these activities—because they were more mindful and more specific—I didn’t reach for my phone as much when playing with her. I spent a lot more time observing her and what she was using. I really enjoyed the time with her whereas sometimes prior to having these activities I would feel lost!"

How did you feel when using the Play Club activities?

“Very happy. I love to engage her in meaningful play and learning tasks and so I felt that I was doing the right thing by her when doing the activities.”

“Happy and relieved.”

“I felt good because everything was so quick and easy to set up and basically free. I also loved watching my little boy get all excited about what he was about to play with.”

“I felt proud, happy and excited. Proud that I was being creative and engaging with her and happy and excited to see her learning and playing."

“It was heartwarming completing these activities. Having fun time with her while she is learning and developing at the same time.”

“Like I had an idea on what I was doing.”

“I love how I can plan ahead and know in my head that the activities i am choosing to play with her are activities that will help her grow her skills and have fun along the way. The activities are so creative that i don't even thought of doing it with my daughter. My husband and i were able to bond more with our daughter and even bond with each other too.”

“I felt like I was being a really good mother as I was spending purposeful time with my baby to help her learn and to entertain her.”

“Excited anticipating how he would respond.” 

“Confident, knowing I had an age appropriate game plan. Relieved, knowing we accomplished something beneficial to her growth.”

“It was wonderful. We both got so much from it and my heart was full because my little boy laughed and smiled when we played. He loves spending time together.”

“It was a lot of fun. (I enjoyed it a lot more when I was not filming for the socials). They were things I would not have come up with on my own. And something different. My bubba seems to get bored with the same activities/toys over and over again. So something unique and different every time was received well.”

“I enjoyed doing them. I enjoyed not having to come up with the ideas myself.”

"This was a real bonding and happy experience playing with my bub."