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The Happy Little People Card Deck contains 52 development-promoting games & activities for baby's first year of life.

Use these beautiful cards to inspire fun & connection between you & your baby.

Helps Mamas & Papas combat boredom & baby brain.

A truly unique baby shower gift.

Loved by parents and early childhood professionals from around the globe!

As a child development instructor I am using these cards in my classes to show students what quality interactions with infants look like. They have been very warmly received. I also got a deck for a gift for a friend who’s having a baby. Thank you so much for this beautiful deck.

Mary Ashley L.

52 simple games & activities for the first year of life

Use straight out of the box - no special equipment needed!

Good for baby, good for you

The games and activities

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“My daughter absolutely loves the activities on your cards. All of the activities are easy to set up and instructions easy to follow. She is learning while playing and it makes my heart swell. Thank you so much for such an amazing product. We look forward to all the new activities.”

J. Parnel

"I love this idea! Seriously though - it can get lonely in those first few weeks postpartum and this is a great way to get yourself motivated on the more difficult days."