Development-promoting activities & educational toys for newborns to toddlers. Curated with love, for your nest and your littles.



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Babies are wonderfully curious by nature, but many parents struggle with how to best support their baby’s development. We help parents navigate their baby’s foundational early years with our signature activity cards and curated range of the highest quality educational toys.

Be your baby's hero

Happy Little People all began with our signature product: a card deck of development-promoting activities that help you play, connect, learn & grow with your little one.


Do you feel unsure or uninspired about how to play with your baby or toddler? 

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Are you ready to play?

"Love these little cards such a great idea for first time mums to give them inspiration on what to do with bubs at each developmental stage."

- Danielle French


How it works (it's this easy!)

1. Choose your card deck

We'll send you a year's worth of fun, creative activities that promote learning and development. 


Invite you to join our awesome online community where you can connect with other parents just like you! 

2. Set up

Select a handful of cards from your little one's age category. (Keep them handy so you can grab them anytime you need a little hit of inspiration!)


Set up in no time using everyday items from around your home. NO special equipment needed! 

3. Play

Play with your little one for anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes (or more!), depending on their age, mood & attention span.


Feel proud knowing you have helped your little one achieve something awesome today! 


Repeat, repeat, repeat! (Did we mention they LOVE repetition?) You'll be inspired to put your own twist on the activities, as you and your baby find your own special ways to play!



 I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your amazing cards. I bought them last year for my daughter who will be one in 2 weeks and I truly believe by using them she has grown in leaps and bounds. I'm so glad I found you on Insta last year as I would have never known what activities to do with her and also it taught me babies can do a lot more than you think. As a first time mum I was blown away by what babies can absorb. For example I would have never taught her to hand an object over to me if I'd never read your cards. I love how the cards coincide with leap weeks as well. Again thank you so much for making a product that helped this first time mumma guide and bond with her baby girl. Oh and I just purchased the next set of cards. If I could I would buy you ladies a case of wine and share it with you. There should be no fence setters when it comes to the Happy Little People activity cards.


As a child development instructor I am using these cards in my classes to show students what quality interactions with infants look like. They have been very warmly received. I also got a deck for a gift for a friend who’s having a baby. Thank you so much for this beautiful deck.

Mary Ashley L.

“My daughter absolutely loves the activities on your cards. All of the activities are easy to set up and instructions easy to follow. She is learning while playing and it makes my heart swell. Thank you so much for such an amazing product. We look forward to all the new activities.”

J. Parnel

"I love this idea! Seriously though - it can get lonely in those first few weeks postpartum and this is a great way to get yourself motivated on the more difficult days."


Proud mama moment

Our Happy Little People card decks have been gifted to celeb mamas such as Amy Schumer, Kayla Itsines and Emilee Hembrow, and were also gifted to VIP mums-to-be at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards!