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Because everyone's doing it! ... Okay, we're exaggerating a little here, but we do have a very loyal and growing tribe of affiliates from all walks of life. Only a handful of them are actual 'professional' affiliates or 'influencers'.
Most of our affiliates are our loyal customers — everyday mamas who have used and loved our products so much that they thought it made sense to get rewarded for all the bragging they do about us anyway!
So if you’re obsessed with Happy Little People and brag about our activity cards to all your friends, then it’s a total no-brainer to make some extra cash at the same time!

About Us

Babies are wonderfully curious by nature, but many parents struggle to find new and fun things to do with their baby. That’s why we created a card deck of development-promoting activities that help you play and connect creatively with your little one.