About Us

When she found out she had twins on the way, Kat knew it was time enlist the help of her bestie, Bianca, who had taken the creative "mumming" of her two and four-year-olds to a whole new level.

Every time she visited, Kat was inspired by Bianca's ever-evolving home, brimming with invented games & activities which seemed to elevate the daily lives of all three of them. 

With their combined backgrounds in education, the dramatic arts, and photography, these two creatives set out on a mission to provide mums from around the world with a fun, educational, beautifully designed card deck that they would actually be inspired to use (goodbye primary colours and Comic Sans font!).

10 months later, incidentally the time it takes to grow a baby, they gave birth to their labour of love and presented her to the world: The Happy Little People Card Deck.

In June 2018 the Happy Little People Card Deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Thanks to 100 backers from across the globe, they smashed their funding goal out of the water and officially launched Happy Little People!