How to entertain a 6 month old!

Ok Mama!! 6 months on is CRAZY BUSY! Your baby may very soon be on the move, rolling, sitting and even pulling up. Stimulating your now-older baby requires new activities that will help boost large and small motor skills as well as social, intellectual and language skills. There is a lot more for you to do from here on in, so roughly planning your day is a great way to reduce your stress levels. 

Allow us to take the stress out of introducing new activities and keeping your little one engaged  by incorporating our tried and tested ideas into your day. 

Why not try one of these activities to get you through the day.


Ball in a Box: Cognitive Play 

Put a small ball in a clear plastic container and put the lid on. Hand it over to your little one to explore. They will be fascinated to watch the ball move around inside as they manipulate the box. This is a great way to build their concentration, fine motor and cognitive skills.

Black & White Sensory Basket: Sensory Play 

Gather a mixture of black and white objects from around the house (that will be safe for your baby to handle) and display them in a shallow basket. Invite your baby to freely explore the open-ended collection of high contrast objects, under your watchful eye.

Circle of Books: Physical Play

Pop your baby on their tummy on the floor. Find several board books and stand them up in a circle around them. Encourage (or help) your baby to pivot around to look at the different books. Then, when they grow tired of this tummy time activity, choose one of the books and read it together as you lay on your backs next to each other.


Let us know how you go with these activities!  You know we got plenty more where they came from :) 

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