You can’t pour French Champagne from an empty bottle! The 5 Minute Mama Moment that will change your life!

Welcome to your ridiculously easy, new 5-minute daily self-care ritual!

You can’t pour French Champagne from an empty bottle, so let’s keep you topped up so you can keep showing up, day after day, as the awesome Mum that you are!

What us Mamas really need, to keep those good vibes flowing, is small daily expressions of self-love that can be done at any time of day, fitting very flexibly around our demanding schedules.

We need one small thing we can commit to doing for ourselves every day that is so easy that we will actually do it, and so rewarding that we will keep doing it. 

So today, we are offering you our FAVOURITE self-love ritual. Both of us take these 5 minutes every single day to focus on us. Its made a massive difference to our mental health and self care. 

Ok.. so grab some paper or your phone and choose one of the following 3 questions to answer... RIGHT NOW, go on do it now or you will never do it.

I this moment I feel...

To make today easier I could...

I am... 

Spend 5 minutes free writing. It doesn't matter what you write or how you write it, but please do this just for you. 

Starting tomorrow, pair answering one of these questions ( or 5 minutes of writing to yourself) with something you already do on a daily basis, such as drinking your morning coffee. This is known as “habit stacking".  According to bestselling author James Clear in his book Atomic Habits (that we love—like, a lot), “One of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day and then stack your new behaviour on top. This process can be repeated to chain numerous habits together, each one acting as the cue for the next." 

We promise this small 5 minutes will make a huge difference to your head and your heart. 

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